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Fast, Fair Financing

for your Thin-file Customers

If you’re tired of turning away customers with thin—or no—credit history, Lendbuzz can help you finance them. By looking beyond a credit score to the thousands of financial data points most potential borrowers have, our technology allows your dealership to sell more cars to more buyers while saving them—and your staff—a lot of time.

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The Path to Unlimited Opportunity Begins with Personalized Finance

One of the toughest parts of running a car dealership is having to turn down worthy borrowers simply because they have a thin credit file. Unlike traditional lending products, Lendbuzz looks at all the details of a borrower’s finances—from bank account data and spending patterns to employment and educational history—allowing us to offer financing that’s personalized to them. The results? Your dealership greatly expands its audience while your customers get the vehicles they need—at rates they can afford.

Loans without the Lag

Lendbuzz loans keep you and your customers happy by trimming application, approval, and funding time down to a bare minimum.

Machine learning algorithms mean fast decisioning and verification

Streamlined funding review means same-day funding for verified deal jackets

A Painless Process

We make it easy for you to walk your customers through the application process on their phones, right in your dealership.

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Easy-to-use dealer portal provides actionable status on every credit application

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Frictionless income verification process gets credit requests approved fast

A Proven Platform

Lendbuzz is built on an encrypted and secure backbone, backed by trusted financial institutions, and seamlessly connected into your F&I workflow for borrowers as well as dealers.

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Financial partners include Goldman Sachs and Regions Bank

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Dealertrack and RouteOne credit app integrations

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We're Here to Support Your Success

From low dealer fees and 24/7 dedicated account support to fast loan approvals and same-day funding, the Lendbuzz experience is designed to help our dealers succeed from the moment you begin your partnership.

Low Dealer Fees

Higher Checks

Same-Day Funding

Partnership is Nothing without Proof

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Floorplanning Made Easy

Lendbuzz doesn't just help your customers get great car loans, we also take the hassle out of dealership floorplanning. Why get your line of credit through the same company you're doing your originations with? Because you can expect the same great support and partnership we put behind our consumer loans, plus great terms—and even greater opportunity—for your business.

Put the Power of a Lendbuzz Partnership to Work for You

If you’re ready to start opening up opportunities for your customers and your business, we’re here to help make it happen.

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